Zinc nickel coating

At Sutra we have been dedicated for more than three decades to providing metal part treatments and coatings for the automotive, renewable energy and railway sectors, among others. Having initially started out as Cromados Sutra and today as Sutra Coatings, we are specialists in metallic coatings and always work with finished parts, from long production runs to single parts.

Our zinc nickel coatings (12-16% Ni) significantly enhance the performance of the parts, protecting them from corrosion caused by contact or high temperatures, for more than 720 hours, according to standard DIN ISO 9227. These anti-corrosion coatings also improve the hardness of the parts, making them more resistant to abrasion and impacts.

Metal parts with a black finish, zinc nickel layer plus a black passivation and sealant for improved corrosion resistance.
Metal parts with a white finish, zinc nickel layer plus a transparent-iridescent passivation and sealant for improved corrosion resistance.


As well as the actual coating, at Sutra we work in zinc nickel with a white finish. This involves applying a transparent-iridescent passivation which can also come with a sealant to vastly improve the part’s resistance to corrosion.

We can also provide our zinc nickel coatings with a black finish. We adapt to the needs of your project and will advise you on the best anti-corrosion coatings for your parts.